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Arts and culture are the soul of our city, making Long Beach a thriving and vital place to live, work and visit. Click on the image below to give back to the arts in Long Beach!



Here’s what your donation to the Arts Council for Long Beach can do:

  • Support wide spread community projects like A LOT bringing art to underserved areas of our community.
  • Expand arts awareness in Long Beach and promote arts and culture in our City.
  • Help develop local artists' talent in support of our Professional Artist Fellowships.
  • Restore some of the cuts to our grants program for non profit arts groups in Long Beach, cuts necessitated by the City’s fiscal crisis and the general economic downturn a few years ago.
  • Enlarge our role as an advocate for our public schools' arts education.
  • Expand our professional development programs where staff of arts organizations can be trained in such critical areas as grant writing, strategic planning and board development.

Thank you for supporting the Arts Council and contributing positively to the quality of life for all Long Beach residents.