Arts Education

Our Educational Programs

Arts Learning’s mission is to foster and advance understanding of the arts by providing Long Beach citizens with programs and resources that promote diversity, tolerance and creativity. The department’s vision is for Long Beach’s communities, neighborhoods and residents to acknowledge the crucial role that arts education has in shaping, evolving and enhancing their daily lives, relationships and ideas. Arts Learning is a vital component of the Arts Council and the City of Long Beach. Arts Learning strives to enrich the lives of Long Beach citizens by delivering quality arts education programs and learning opportunities that inspire creativity, thought and the spirit of discovery. The Arts Council’s educational programs concentrate in dance, music, theater and visual art by centering on the traditional global arts found locally, the city’s unique historic past, and its artistic heritage and legacy. Additionally, the Arts Learning department acts as a community resource by providing arts educational information on local arts and cultural venues and opportunities, and by linking groups and individuals together to promote the arts and artistic output. Arts Learning supports artists, arts groups, schools, students and adults in advancing artistic pride and creativity.