HaHa Cloud Machine

HaHa Cloud Machine

Price: free

When: Saturday, March 18, 7–10 p.m.

Where: Made by Millworks (240 Pine Ave Long Beach Ca 90804)

This show focuses on illustrative work that leans toward humor, surrealism, and the macabre. Featuring the indy cult hero, Daniel Johnston’s vibrant and disturbing work from his recently published graphic novel, “Space Ducks.” Proudly Included on the roster are some of the top artists in the indy comic world, as well as the cream of the crop from the Long Beach and Los Angeles area. Many of these artists are creating their own humorously deranged, mythological worlds, providing a pool of inspiration for weirdo artists around the globe.

350 Elm Avenue Long Beach, CA 90802 / 562.435.ARTS (2787)


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