Call for Arts and Culture Bloggers

November 13, 2012

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For the Arts Council for Long Beach & Arts for LA's website

Overview: The Arts Council for Long Beach ("ACLB") in partnership with Arts for LA ("AFLA") seeks bloggers to cover local arts & culture impact, issues and policy. The ACLB, a nonprofit that supports the Long Beach arts community and develops cultural resources, and AFLA, a regional arts advocacy nonprofit working to increase support for arts & culture and arts education in Los Angeles County, are entering their third year as partners to engage arts supporters in advocacy by engaging public officials and raising public awareness of the positive impact of the arts on families, neighborhoods, communities, and the region.

Benefits: Participating bloggers write on topics of interests to them working with the organizations' communications managers. Depending on the blog topic and audience, distribution options include, website blog posts (~350 readers per month), website news stories (approximately 900 visits per month), Facebook (4,450 direct fans; 2 million potential reach) and e-blasts (~25,000 email subscribers). Bloggers gain journalistic experience, exposure and opportunities to network with the arts communities and public officials. As an important contributor to the Long Beach Arts Advocacy team, bloggers receive training in advocacy strategies and communications. Bloggers receive no monetary compensation. Bloggers will be given a schedule of when to post.

Types of stories:
ACLB & AFLA seek content that will further our position the arts are essential to Long Beach, Los Angeles County and to the civic vitality of our diverse communities. We seek content that:

  • Explores case studies of how the arts contribute to economic, personal, intellectual, and community growth and development
  • ¬†Humanizes and personalizes the impact of arts, culture, and arts education on individuals
  • Promotes the presence of our elected public officials and unofficial community leaders engaging the arts community

Browse ACLB ( & AFLA's ( websites to get better acquainted with our work and blogs. Then contact Molly and Charlie with ideas: and

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