My mission is to wow people, make them think, and make learning fun.


Prior to 2003 Barry Rothstein was a black & white darkroom hobbiest. At an antique store that winter he saw an old 3-D viewer and images. Since then he’s produced thousands of 3-D images, produced five books, exhibited in solo and groups many times, and regularly teaches his techniques at national 3-D conventions and other symposiums.

His specialty is the phantogram, and he’s likely produced far more of these than in all the rest of the world combined. A phantogram is the practice of imitating normal vision. A fine mix of art and science, the resulting images are precisely replicated windows of reality, true reach-out-and-touch 3-D. Experiencing them is generally met with amazement.

Currently Barry is working on a new book, 3-D videos, a series of phantogram ‘headshots’, and other projects.

Artist Work

Spiral Seed PodJenWat Arun

350 Elm Avenue Long Beach, CA 90802 / 562.435.ARTS (2787)


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