"RAW" Art by Patricia Bonilla


"RAW" is a force of my silent voice.
This voice is constantly colorful imagination. A way to communicate to others a feeling or an emotion through the use of brilliant colors on any "RAW" texture willing to accept this challenge. Is a mesmerizing dance to watch. Colors entertwined dancing on the RAW texture creating patterns if lines,figures and more.
This dance is not an easy one. It requires you to act quickly and steady.
Free movement is a must. No time for brushes in this mystical and furious dance.
You and your imagination do this dance once againg.


I’m first a self taugh sculptor and later a painter. I was influence by three amazing artist in my lifetime.
First Maestro Armando Bollani (my uncle) at an early age. Now Maestro Bollani has been a working artist for nearly 80yrs. He lives in our native country of El Salvador.
Second sculptor Alex Kritselis Dean of The Visual Arts Depart. I studied with Alex sculpting at Pasadena City College and later I under study with him for maby yrs to come. Sharing a loft in Downtown L.A. call "The Brewery" there It became my studio and home for many yrs to come. Allowing to have private solo show of my sculptures made in bronze and aluminum.
Photographer Edward Colver also resided at The Brewery. It was the first artist I met as I walk the hallway gor the firt time. He is the most influential Artist in my lifetime.
There in his loft I learn many things such as photography,installation work,sculpting,mix media in a underground influence. Influential musil always playing in the background. From this another set of values,exiciting new ideas came to me later in life. Everything I do or act is part of them I carry with me. Manny lessons.
2013 I move to beautiful Long Beach and quickly settle in. I have been excibiting at Helleda Gallery from the beginning to the present. I’m know a full member if the gallery. I’m in the judges comittee for the East Village Art district Art Walk. I have performed live painting with the band call Slushbox longbeach. I’m perform as "RAW" On their performaces and paint live. Sometimes I’m giving performing parts as their most recent Rock Theather "Find your own steeple" for the East Village Art District.
I’m currently volunteer for the Moola Museum.
In I was a judge fir the Sculpture catergory for the city of Beverly Hills. Responsible for selecting the Mayor’s and Best of Show Awards.
I conducted a sculpting worshop for children at the USC School-Age Program for three months. Using clay,wax,mix media and metal. With this in mind provichildren were able to express their ideas through imagination on a safe environment.
The "RAW-BITS" Is the latest project to be presented soon. It taking my neighborhood kids and invited them to expirience a "RAW" MOMENT through painting with me. 15 kids joined me from ages 3-15. We not only created a 11ft painting but,the kids became the subject matter for photograpic documentation as we were all cover in paint. Working on their 1st exibit.

Patricia Bonilla

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