Hannah Lynn Griffith


I like to think about ideas of existence, humans, the mind, nature, and the universe.

The artwork I create is an attempt to define my existence, as well as my personal experience. I wish to provide meaning in a universe that feels devoid of any real purpose. Using my work as exploration, I want to convey feelings of wonderment, of understanding.

I will continue to wonder, trying to understand.


Advanced skills in photography. Formal training in shooting small, medium, and large format cameras, manually setting exposure and composing light readings, photo editing via Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom, film processing, printing in both digital and black & white laboratories, studio lighting, and alternative traditional processes. Keen eye for aesthetics. Efficient and thorough work ethic, with much attention to detail.
Formally trained in watercolor painting, drawing, life drawing, etc.
Very much experience with a paint brush! Preferred medium is acrylic paint.
Currently learning Adobe Illustrator.

Work History
Gallery Assistant at Phone Booth Gallery
July 2014-Present

Photographer at Cirque du Soleil
January 2014-May 2014

Studio DeLucca
Jewelry Production Assistant
November 2012-October 2014

Long Beach City College
Photography Major with focuses in art and philosophy
Cumulative GPA of 3.7

Community/Personal Projects
Forever building my portfolio and growing as an artist and a human

December 2014- Co-curating a show for a small group of artists that work in various traditional and experimental fields in the second and third dimension.

August 2014- Completed first mural ever! On the floor and walls of an apartment balcony 6 stories at Bunker Hill in Downtown Los Angeles.

April 2014-Participated in/donated to benefit art show alongside cast and crew of Cirque du Soleil’s TOTEM for Breast Friends breast cancer awareness group at AFRU Gallery in Portland, Oregon

To read about upcoming, current, and past art exhibitions and see much more of my work please visit my website :)


2533 east Broadway
Long Beach, CA 90803


Artist Work

Interplanetary MelodyA Learned HarmonySomewhere in Space I Hang Suspended V.2

350 Elm Avenue Long Beach, CA 90802 / 562.435.ARTS (2787)


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