Kristina Drake


As an artist I am always trying to convey through my sculpture an appreciation for the natural world. It is in nature we can best see ourselves. I use the imagery of animal skulls as a vehicle to express the value of the time we have. We are so fragile and so temporary and it is what we lave behind that will last forever. Skulls are also the seat of the self, what we are as individuals exists only within the confines of the skull. Like a cathedral that houses the self. I also use the themes of crystals and other minerals such as gold to impress upon the viewer the great enormity of time. These things are representations of purity and age (i.e. gold cannot be tarnished). I explore these themes as they relate to my personal experiences and also how I view the human experience as a whole.


I have shown in galleries such as:
Gregorio Escalante (LA)
Copro (LA)
Hive gallery (LA)
La Luz De Jesus (LA)
LA Art Show (LA)
Stranger Factory (NM)
Light Grey Art Lab (MN)
Clutter Gallery (NY)
I was also awarded for my contribution to the Aquarium of the Pacific for the Aquarium’s Urban Ocean Art Contest.
I work as both a commercial sculptor for toys and prototyping and as a fin artist.


330 W ocean blvd apt 309
long beach, CA 90802

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350 Elm Avenue Long Beach, CA 90802 / 562.435.ARTS (2787)


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