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I am very interested in working with students of all ages to further develop my interactive web site "Intersections: Portraits of Neighborhoods."
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Generally I use photography as a tool to document!
Contact me to take
• portraits;
• document family and friend gatherings. I also use still photography, video and sound to record “special” events such as memorial services, weddings, and birthdays to mention several types of occasions. An example is the compilation of interviews, photographs, video and sound recording of Hillary Larson’s memorial service: “Celebrating Hillary Larson,” 2012. Commissioned by Sandy Larson.

I also specialize in photo restoration and preservation:
• Restoration:
by correcting wrinkles, creases and rips in photographs; as well as, color correction as I did for the documentary film “The Passionate Pursuits of Angela Bowen;” Jennifer Abod, Profile Productions; ongoing.
• Preservation:
by scanning and digitizing your photographs and negatives and slide film for safe keeping as was done for Pat Lamis’s archival photographs which were scanned and donated to June L. Mazer Lesbian Archives. I also copy VHS videos to DVD format.

In addition, I design web sites. Please contact me for a list of current sites or reference and to see further examples of my work.


Most recent exhibition (10/15/14—12/15/14) of work at "Hot Java" included selected photographs from 3 separate photo essays. Please visit this link for the published article:
Long Beach Press Telegram, Phillip Zonkel, November 14, 2014.

Back Ground:
I graduated from UCLA with a BA degree in anthropology and sociology in 1980. In January 1981 I entered the VISTA Volunteer program where I learned the skills of a community organizer. I worked for a newly forming community organization, Pico Neighborhood Association in Santa Monica, California. As the staff photographer I documented the growth and impact that comes when a large group of people work to bring about change.

From 1980 — 1997 I worked in a number of capacities as a community organizer; housing organizer; program developer; fund raiser; and administrator. Coinciding with my work as an organizer I freelanced as a news photojournalist, and was published in national and local news papers and books.

1987 — 1989 I had the opportunity to manage the Midnight Special Bookstore in Santa Monica and later assisted in developing The Midnight Special Bookstore, Cultural Center.

1997 — 2000 I went back to school to learn about “new media,” web design and digital technology. I attend the Academy of Entertainment and Technology: a newly formed professional school at Santa Monica Community College. I graduated with a degree in “interactive media.”

From 2001 to the present I have designed and continue to design web sites; digitize black and white negatives, color negative and slide films; digitize VHS tapes to DVD; participate as an expert opinion in technology oriented focus groups; and continue to work on an interactive web site: “Intersections: portraits of neighborhoods,” which continues to evolve and expand!

Artist Work

Homeless in LA3 out of 12 kidsImmigrants in LA

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