Lorena Cody


I love making music and I’m grateful for my fans! I love and support my fans so much and live to make them happy! I hope you enjoy the music just as much as I like making it! Peace. xoxo Lorena Cody


Lorena Cody is a dance/EDM/rap/rock musician from Long Beach CA. Her first song "Thirsty" is about thirsty, greedy, guys and how she got fed up with it. Her second song "Donut Swag" is a song about female empowerment, plus size girls can dance and party and still rock those curves and let go of the haters in their lives. Current project is working on a new album called "Sugar High" soon to be released maybe Summer/Fall of 2015. She hopes to perform shows in Long Beach in the near future. Also check out Vine: Lorena Cody Instagram: lbcindierockscene

Artist Work

Lorena Cody in the recording studioLorena Cody album cover art for "Sugar High' to be released soon

350 Elm Avenue Long Beach, CA 90802 / 562.435.ARTS (2787)


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