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I did autopsies for 28 years. I make assemblage with a bent toward prankster science. I draw my inspirations from anatomy, pathology, psychology and all the rest. Then I add inspirations from my own spirituality to impart a depth of universal purpose.


I became an autopsy technician in the 1970s, being grandfathered in as an autopsy surgeon. I have attended seven colleges and universities; no degrees. I have volunteered all my adult life, and have been a crisis counselor, drug counselor, sex educator, and a reader at Recording for the Blind. Now I am "only" an artist.


1910 Harding St.
Long Beach, CA 90805-3630

An Exploration in Prankster Science
A New Movement in Science

Artist Work

Anatomy of a SpringPathology of a SpringPeriodic Table of Emotions

350 Elm Avenue Long Beach, CA 90802 / 562.435.ARTS (2787)


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