Sheriann Ki Sun Burnham


I am an artist and designer whose current work combines interests in abstraction, modernism, tech, environmentalism and sustainability. I combine computer imagery with traditional art media creating mixed media combinations of computer imagery with traditional art media, and digital works created entirely on the computer.

My art is a continuing exploration of structure through abstracted space and form; expressing the essence of ideas, places and things through abstraction. I am interested in how structure can define form; how form can define space. I am also interested in the manipulation of visual elements through systematic processes and utilizing computer technology to extend and enhance the visual complexities within the works I create.

I became interested in computers in 1981 and began programming (coding) my own still and animated graphics; first on early Apple and HP personal computers, later on an Atari 1200XL computer. In the early 1990’s I purchased my first Macintosh computer and began using paint programs to create digital paintings. I now use both “off the shelf” and proprietary software in her my making processes, which take the form of mixed media combinations of computer imagery with traditional art media, and digital works created entirely on the computer.

I believe the computer as an artist’s tool expands the imagination and extends the possibilities of what can be achieved in artistic expression. I strive to create artwork that utilizes the computer’s strengths without loosing the human touch.


Born in Seoul, South Korea, Sheri came to the U.S. at the age of two, and began drawing and painting at an early age under the tutelage of her commercial and fine artist mother. While in college Sheri became interested in computers and was in the first computer graphics class offered in the CSULB Art Department, where she programmed graphics software for class use. She received a B.A. in Studio Art from California State University Long Beach in 1982 and has since pursued a dual career in fine art and design.

Sheri’s fine art has been widely exhibited and published in the US and abroad since the mid-1980’s. Most recently her work was in the Long Beach Museum of Art’s 2015 Art Auction XVI. Her work was also in the museum’s Art Auction XV and the 2012 Long Beach Arts Month exhibition “Transformative Visions.” Other notable exhibitions include: multiple ACM SIGGRAPH Art Shows and traveling shows; Graphite in Dunedin, New Zealand; and Artware: Kunst und Elektronik, Germany; The New York Digital Salon and traveling show; and “Darkroom & Digital” at the John Wayne International Airport among others. Her digital painting “Nomad” was reproduced in the ninth and tenth editions of the McGraw Hill college art text book, “Art Fundamentals: Theory & Practice.” In 2004 Sheri received an Individual Artist Fellowship from the Long Beach Public Corporation for the Arts (Arts Council).

Additional Information:
As a design professional, Sheri has over 30 years conceptual and production experience in graphics and design. She has run an independent art and design service since 1993 specializing in graphic, product, surface design, and online media development.

In 2010 Sheri joined a long time creative colleague focused on developing creative UPcycled products. They formed Pepe & Sherina Designs (, home of Sock-ratees & FriendsTM the UPcycled sock monkeys; and she is creative director for their start-up venture UPcyclity® Inc. They soon will be launching the UPcycling Community, which is an online community and e-commerce web site devoted to UPcycling.

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