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Mystic Tides



Artist: Dean Alexander Smith, Long Beach, CA

Location: Distributed throughout the Broadway corridor in the East Village, near the intersections with Long Beach Boulevard, Elm Ave, Linden Avenue and Alamitos Boulevard.

District: District 2

Description: The artist has transforming marine buoys and forged steel into five, animated sixteen-foot sea anemones. Each piece weighs approximately three hundred fifty pounds and sporadically stems gracefully from the sidewalks. These sculptures provide a glimpse of the marine environment that is integral to this metropolitan coastal community. Their dynamic size and vibrant colors provide a sense of liveliness that adds to the artistic and civic motion of the East Village Arts district.

Funding: Commision: $ 48,000. Provided through a California Arts Council Grant, the PCA's Public Art Fund and PCA contributions on behalf of the East Village Arts District

Completion: June 12, 1999

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