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The Arts Council for Long Beach Partners with Arts for LA on a number of Arts Advocacy initiatives. They are a fantastic resource to get our communities involved in our local legislature and advocate for the arts.


Arts for LA's mission is to foster a healthy environment in which arts and culture may thrive and be accessible to all in Los Angeles County. Our mission statement is supported by our vision and statement of values.


Arts for LA envisions the greater Los Angeles region as one in which government, education, business and residents value, support and fully integrate the arts-in all their diversity-into the fabric of civic life.

Statement of Values

Arts for LA affirms that the arts are critical to a healthy, prosperous society. Access to substantive arts and cultural experiences enriches the quality of life for both residents of and visitors to the greater Los Angeles region. We work to promote policies that uphold these values:

The arts foster civic engagement, stimulate economic activity, and increase cultural empathy, and thus play a crucial role in sustaining thriving communities.
Every resident deserves access to a variety of arts and cultural experiences, both in the major arts institutions and in neighborhood cultural centers and programs.
Arts education is central to the development of all children and to ongoing creative engagement for people of all ages.
Artists and arts organizations require a social environment that values and supports their contributions and encourages excellence.
The breadth, depth, and diversity of artistic and cultural life are critical measures of the vitality of Los Angeles

Arts for LA

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Arts Advocacy

The Arts Council for Long Beach serves as the umbrella organization for the arts in Long Beach.

Art Works! LBThe Arts Council builds public support for the arts and advocates for a flourishing arts community in Long Beach through government and community relations, events and media relations. The Arts Council also participates and/or partners in arts and arts education policy considerations citywide. As the city's cultural advisor, it links arts providers with one another through cross-organizational activities.

In March 2010, the Arts Council worked with City Leaders to enact five city-wide arts initiatives to support local artists and small businesses, and update the 1996 Long Beach Cultural Master Plan. The iniatives and the Arts Council's accompanying "Art Works! LB" campaign received media coverage in multiple outlets and earned praise from National Endowment for the Arts Chairman Rocco Landesman.

The Arts Council for Long Beach appreciates hearing from residents, artists, businesses and all sectors of the community. Please contact us with your feedback, ideas and experiences.