The Arts Council for Long Beach, in partnership with the City of Long Beach, is proud to offer grants that support the vibrant and dynamic arts and communities in our city.
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Marketing & Promotion

For artists and creatives seeking additional exposure to their work, the Arts Council for Long Beach offers a variety of services to help.
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Our vision is for the Long Beach community, neighborhoods and residents to acknowledge the crucial role that arts education has in shaping, evolving and enhancing their daily lives, relationships and ideas.
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Public Art

Long Beach has public art designed to inspire, engage, and tell the story of our city.  We are currently working on a comprehensive archive of all the public artwork in Long Beach.
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Artist Calls

In order to help match opportunities with talent, the Arts Council for Long Beach has identified some upcoming artist calls and Requests for Proposals.
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Artist Residencies

Creative professionals can stay and work elsewhere temporarily by participating in Artist Residency programs. Check out these residential art programs offered on a regional, national and international level.
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Jobs & Internships

Visit this page for a list of arts-related jobs, internships and volunteer opportunities based in Long Beach.
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Here are some local, regional and national Professional Development and Advocacy Resources.
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Art in Available Spaces

Installing art in available spaces – from storefronts to lobbies to offices – is an excellent way for property owners, business associations and civic economic development departments to draw attention to and develop interest in available properties. It’s also a great way to enhance already-occupied places.
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